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Dr. Gloria de Olarte

Dr. Gloria de Olarte

Patients know the office staff can often make or break the doctor-patient relationship. Dr. de Olarte knows this, too, and carefully selects her staff to ensure patients are treated with respect and competence, and she is ready to listen to your questions and answer as best as she can. Call 626-577-7965 to speak with any staff member.

Your Plastic Surgery Consultation

Dr. Gloria de Olarte meets patients in the Pasadena and Los Angeles area for the first time during the initial consultation. Dr. de Olarte takes pride in spending plenty of time with each patient to understand why he or she has decided to consider surgery. She will explain the alternatives, the risks, the complications and tell you if you are a good candidate for surgery or not and if your expectations are realistic or not. She will show before and after pictures and will answer all of your questions. Also she will discuss what to do before and after surgery and the healing process, therefore the initial consultation lasts approximately one hour.

The consultation is the first step toward a surgical procedure. There is usually at least one more appointment before surgery is performed.

Patients will have a chance to explain their desires, listen to possibilities suggested by Dr. de Olarte, review tools to preview what their outcome could look like, and discuss financing.

Please call today at 626-577-7965 to set up an appointment, or use the Contact Form on this site.

What to Expect from your Consultation with Dr. de Olarte

Dr. de Olarte takes pride in spending plenty of time with each patient to understand why the patient is having surgery and what the patients' expectations are. Dr. de Olarte will explain the alternatives, the risks and the complications, as well as what to expect before, during and after surgery, especially if you are a good candidate for surgery. She will choose with you the best option but also the safest procedure. To proceed with surgery, the patient must have realistic expectations.

Dr. de Olarte will show before and after pictures and will take the time to answer all you questions. Dr. de Olarte will spend usually one hour with you and will also explain the healing process.

The consultation is the first step toward a surgical procedure. There is always a second consultation before the surgery to go over again all the details, to take pictures, to sign the consent for surgery and for Dr. de Olarte to do a comprehensive physical examine including your previous surgeries, medication taken, allergies, if you have a history of smoking and drinking, as well as your family's medical history.

Dr. de Olarte's assistant will also discuss with your financing alternatives and location of the surgery.

Dr. de Olarte Office is in Pasadena and the Greater Los Angeles area.


Dr. de Olarte isn't like some doctors who discuss procedures but ignore cost, as if patients aren't worrying about the bottom line. A discussion of cost and financing is always part of the initial consultation.

For reconstructive procedures covered by medical insurance, Dr. de Olarte is in-network with Blue Cross, Healthcare Partners, Blue Shield, Aetna, United Healthcare, Prudential and Healthnet and Medicare.

Other payment options include patient financing, which we can discuss with you.

Dr. de Olarte is known for her reasonable rates and exceptional care for her patients. She has financing available through several financing companies whose interest rates vary according to the length of the loan and your credit history. Payments offered could be as low as $100 per month.

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