Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) & Mommy Makeover

Dr Gloria de Olarte

If you want your abdomen to be flatter and tighter and to reshape your figure and feel better about your body. There are three different types of abdominoplasty procedures that can be used. These are the Standard Abdominoplasty, the Modified Abdominoplasty or the Extended Abdominoplasty. The best one to use depends on the amount of extra fat you have, the quality of your skin, do you have stretch marks, wrinkles or scars, how weak your abdominal muscles are and how big your "rolls" are.

1. Standard Abdominoplasty

You are a good candidate if you have extra skin and/or fat above and below the navel. This type also works well if you have weak abdominal muscles and you are close to your ideal weight or are only slightly overweight. This will give you a very flat and tight abdomen.

A tummy tuck includes removing your extra loose skin/fat from your navel down to the pubic area, and tightening your midline muscles both above and below the navel.

The scars will around the navel and also at the bikini line.

2. Modified Abdominoplasty or Mini Abdominoplasty = Mini Tuck

If you only have mild to moderate wrinkles and/or loose skin and rolls in the lower half of your belly below the navel, then you are a good candidate for this procedure. You can have extra fat above and below the navel, but good skin tone above the navel and your muscles are only weak below the navel. Also you should be close to your ideal weight or slightly overweight.

A mini tuck includes liposuction of the whole abdomen, removal of only the lowest part of the extra skin on the lower abdomen above the pubis, also only tightening of the muscles only below the navel.

You will have a shorter scar along the bikini line with this procedure and no scar around the navel.

3) Extended Abdominoplasty

You are a candidate for this procedure if you are overweight more than 30 pounds or have had massive weight loss after bypass surgery or diet, and you have rolls of extra skin/fat above and below the navel, and on your hips and pubis.

This procedure includes removing the extra skin/fat below and a few inches above the navel, tightening your muscles above and below the navel and on the sides to recreate your waistline. It also removes fat from your sides/hips.

You will get a flatter abdomen with tight skin, firm muscles and a better waistline and hips, but a longer scar in the bikini area and a scar around your navel.

For all these surgeries you need to be in good health and they are contraindicated for smokers.

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