Breast Augmentation

Dr Gloria de Olarte

Very Important things to know about Breast Augmentation before you have surgery and if you want to have natural looking breasts

Breast Augmentation enlarges your breast using implants to have fuller breasts or to restore the volume lost from pregnancy or weight loss.

You are a good candidate if you have small breasts naturally, or your breasts are "deflated" by weight loss or pregnancy or your breast are very different in size. If your breasts are sagging and the nipples are already low or looking down you may need a lift in addition to the breast augmentation.

There are many alternatives for incision placement, each one has advantages and disadvantages. Also many implant placement alternatives, as well as choice in the type of implant to use. You will have to be evaluated by Dr. de Olarte to determine the best options for you.

The most important decision to make is whether the implants are placed above or below the muscles.

Breast Augmentation under the muscle-Submuscular

Requires general anesthesia (usually done by another doctor board certified in anesthesia) and usually takes longer to do because of its complexity, both of these factors will increase the price of the surgery. Dr. De Olarte will explain why submuscular breast augmentation takes longer.

The advantages of this technique are multiple:

1. Breast are softer

2. Breast are more natural looking

3. Implants are not as conspicuous because the muscle covers most the implant

4. Cleavage is more natural looking and not as sharp.

5. Less sagging with time because the muscle will act as a brasierre

6. Better when doing a mammogram

7. Depending where incision is made, will also be better for breast feeding

8. Less risk of capsular contracture, which is when the breast become hard

Breast Augmentation above the muscle = Subglandular

This approach can be done under intravenous sedation in the doctor's office, therefore you will not need an Anesthesiologist and the surgery is faster to do, both will lower the cost for you BUT this method has many disadvantages and Dr. de Olarte will help explain them for you.

1. Implants are more conspicuous and obvious because you do not have the muscle to cover them

2. Breast will sag more with age, pregnancy or weight gain and you may eventually need breast lift surgery because your breast skin will stretch with the added weight of the implant

3. More of a tendency for breasts becoming HARD because of capsular contracture (scar tissue); you may need another surgery to release the thicker capsule and have the implants become softer again.

4. Cleavage would be more sharply delineated and less natural looking

5. Is not as good for having a mammogram

The different types of incisions and implants will be discussed by Dr. de Olarte at the time of the consultation and will take approximately one hour. She will examine you and determine what will look better on you and if you are a good candidate for breast implant surgery.

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