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Nose Surgery = Rhinoplasty

Who will benefit from nose surgery?

A patient will benefit if they want to change the appearance of the nose, the shape, the length or the width of the outside of the nose. You can also correct the inside of the nose. If you have problems breathing, that may cause dry mouth, and snoring.

Will my insurance company cover my surgery?

The insurance company may cover the surgery for the inside of the nose, only if you have problems breathing and the physical exam shows a septal deviation, hypertrophic turbinettes and nasal obstruction. BUT it will NOT cover the surgery to change the outside appearance of your nose.

What can surgery do?

It can change:

  • the size of your nose
  • the width of the bridge of your nose
  • It can reduce the hump on your nose
  • The tip of your nose can be made thinner or can be lifted, so it does not droop at the end and the nose can be made shorter
  • It can reduce the size of your nostrils to make them smaller and symmetrical
  • It can straighten your nose if it is crooked or deviated, both on the inside and outside
  • It can improve your breathing

But Dr. De Olarte will discuss the risks, alternatives, and complications of nasal surgery and if you are a good candidate for it. Dr. de Olarte will also discuss your anatomy and the limitations of this surgery to get a good result, as well as having realistic expectations about what the results will be based on your physical exam.

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