Dr. Gloria de Olarte

Breast Augmentation

I highly recommend Dr. Gloria de Olarte. About a year ago, my sister and I were interested in getting both our Breast’s done. We both went to see this doctor who stated that he was a cosmetic surgeon. We went on a Thursday and my sister got her breasts done the following week. I did not get my done because I had a baptism. The doctor did not make my sister get a mammogram before her surgery. She massive bruising, it took her about 3 months to recuperate.  My sister just did not feel right after the surgery, so after 8 months, she still felt some pain, and bumps, she thought maybe something was left inside her breast, so she went and got a mammogram. She had cancer. Had the doctor requested a mammogram before the surgery, which is standard procedure, she would have found out one year earlier. Not only that, but the doctor insisted that I should get 550 cc implants, and disregarded my opinion because I thought it was too big!

So I found Dr. de Olarte, and I loved her. My surgery was the polar opposite of my sister’s experience. Within a week I felt better, I had minimal bruising, I was totally recuperated within a month. I ended up getting 350cc implants which is smaller and exactly what I wanted. I appreciate that Dr. de Olarte listened to my concerns and my desires. I love my results.  Now my sister and I, both go to Dr. de Olarte for our fillers! I would recommend her to anyone.

Carmen L.; Rosemead, CA

My experience with Dr.  De Olarte was amazing. She took her time with me, explained the entire breast augmentation procedure which allowed me to make the right decision. She was very comforting and reliable.  She made me feel very assuring that I was doing the right thing as far as the breast augmentation was concerned.  She was very honest about my situation and when I tell you the end results were incredible, it is INCREDIBLE!!!!!  Her receptionist was very helpful. She called me and helped me out with alot of the foot work that needed to be done. After the surgery, Dr. De Olarte called and checked on me and made sure I was ok. I felt really safe and secure with her being my doctor. I would recommend anyone to go to Dr. De Olarte. As a matter of fact, I have recommended friends and family to her. They have called because of the results they have seen performed on me. I still go and visit her with follow up appointments and her spirit is still the same everytime i go, very nurturing.... She is an amazing person, she is funny but serious at the same time. She was thorough throughout the entire process. I am happy I chose her for my breast augmentation....
I give her 5 stars and if I could I would give her 10

A pleased and happy patient; Pasadena CA

After months of careful thought and research on breast implants I met with several surgeons to discuss my options.  All surgeons were very professional and answered all of my questions.  Dr. de Olarte stood out because she was very direct with her answers, she did not sugar coat the process and I appreciated that.  Her experience and credentials along with the fact that she does the surgeries in hospitals or surgical centers and not her office was very reassuring. Dr. de Olarte did an excellent job on my surgery, my breast look very natural and my husband and I are very happy with the results.  

Anonymous; Walnut, CA

I love Dr. De Olarte!  Having consulted with 2 other surgeons for breast augmentation, I decided to go with Dr. De Olarte.  She gave me her undivided attention during the consultation and explained to me the importance of having a board certified plastic surgeon perform the surgery.  Due to aging and the fact that I had lost a significant amount of weight, I wasn't happy with the appearance of my breasts.  I am very happy with my "new" breasts! Two of my friends have since undergone breast augmentation and are very happy with their results, too.  Dr. De Olarte is very straightforward, and will listen to your concerns.  What also impressed me about her was that she called to check in on me during the weekends during the recovery period!  This really showed me how much she cares for her patients!  I continue to recommend her to my friends!  Thank you Dr. De Olarte!

Anonymous; Covina, CA

I am a 65 year old female. I came to Dr. de Olarte in June 2003 for various cosmetic procedures. I had breast implants, a mini tuck and my eyelids done. About 6 months later I brought my daughter and she also had breast implants. Dr. de Olarte was always kind and took very good care of us.  
I referred my friend and she had her eyelids done. We are all very pleased! Nine years later, I am still very happy with Dr. de Olarte’s work! I come in periodically for Botox, Restylane and I will keep coming back and I will ALWAYS keep referring patients to her.

Anonymous; Los Angeles, CA

I was considering getting breast augmentation for several years before visiting Dr. de Olarte. I always wore push-up bras and would never go out without one. It was really the one part of my body that I couldn't change, but always wish I could.
My consultation with Dr. de Olarte went great and she answered all of my questions thoroughly. Dr. de Olarte made me feel at ease immediately and made sure that the size of my breasts would be proportionate to my body. The staff was great! They answered all my questions about financing and worked with me to schedule the surgery at a time that was best for me.
The same day after the surgery when I went home, Dr. de Olarte personally called me to see how I was doing. The surgery went well and I made a quick recovery and haven't had any complications. It's taking awhile getting used to my new breasts, but I'm so glad that I did it. I feel like my body is more proportionate than it was before, and best of all no more push-up bras! I would recommend Dr. de Olarte if you are thinking about getting breast augmentation.
Melanie T.; Los Angeles, CA

Dr. DeOlarte was so informative during my consultation that I knew she was the one I wanted to perform my breast augmentation procedure.  I am very pleased with the results of this procedure which is due to Dr. DeOlarte's expertise and her taking pride in her work.

Rosemary G.; West Covina, CA

Dr. De Olarte is an extraordinary surgeon that changed my life. Before meeting her, I had a bad experience with a male surgeon that was recommended to me due to the low cost of his work. My problem was that I was 100% flat chested. Therefore, I was looking forward in getting a breast augmentation. So I went to this surgeon and when he saw me, he told me that I had to get a small size implant because my chest was too tight to fit a bigger size. My hopes of getting the size I wanted went down. I had researched the procedure before and knew that I wanted to get the implants under the muscle. Well he tried to explain to me his procedures which were: the implant had to be placed over the muscle, the anesthesia was going to be local/regional, the surgery was going to take place in his office building, and the cost was about $3,500. As much as he tried sugarcoating his work, I didn’t have a good feeling about it. Another thing that added on in disliking and not trusting this surgeon was that he stayed quiet throughout the appointment and when I tried asking him questions, his answers were just very unprofessional. Luckily, my friend went with me and she made me realize that my life was not worth risking just for the cheap cost of this work. She therefore recommended me to Dr. De Olarte and went ahead and made an appointment for me to see her. Several of her family members had their surgeries done with her and I was able to witness her work. It felt right when I was told about her even though some of the testimonials I had read about her had negative things to say. When we finally met and she saw me, she right away gave me hope and was willing to work with me. We sat in her office and without me questioning her, Dr. Gloria de Olarte with all her professionalism started telling me about how the procedure goes. I was told the advantages of getting implants under the muscle rather than over the muscle. She definitely confirmed the research I had done beforehand. Yes, the procedure of getting them under the muscle is more expensive but very beneficial if you analyze it. When the implants are placed under the muscle, there are greater possibilities that the breast won’t sag, you won’t have to replace them in a while, there’s a more natural look to them, and most importantly to me, is that you are able to breast feed. On the contrary, if you get them over the muscle, there are greater possibilities that the breasts will sag, making you having to replace them sooner in the future plus paying an extra cost for a breast lift, and they look more fake rather than having that natural look. Paying that $1,500-$2,000 more are definitely worth it. Another great fact about Dr. De Olarte is that she is board certified and has many years of experience. I am a 20 year old college student and had my surgery done a few months before turning 20. Meaning, I was not ready moneywise to make this surgery happen. That was not a reason to stop me because Dr. De Olarte has financing available. There was no excuse not to have the procedure done. As young as I am, I also wanted to make sure to find the right surgeon that I will trust my life with. Thankfully, Dr. De Olarte was able to be that surgeon. She is very sweet and most importantly which I keep mentioning, very professional. I am extremely happy with the results. Every step in this procedure was smooth because I listened to Dr. De Olarte’s orders and she kept checking on me constantly, which I absolutely liked. That shows how important and serious she takes her patients. I highly recommend Dr. De Olarte!!! No questions asked. I’ve witnessed other plastic surgery she’s done, not only breast augmentation, and she does an excellent work. I’m sure all her patients are more than satisfied with their results.
Thank you so much Dr. Gloria de Olarte, you truly changed my life by making me look & feel beautiful!

 Anonymous; Hesperia,CA


I am so happy with the results of my eyelid surgery.  Dr. de Olarte is a highly professional and experienced plastic surgeon, and I always felt comfortable and reassured throughout my treatment.  I consider myself having a very youthful appearance for my age, but my under eye bags had become extremely unattactive.  After much fearful apprehension and denial, I decided to go ahead with the treatment.  I am so glad I did!  Dr. de Olarte did a fantastic job!  The surgery was relatively quick and painless, and even though I had some bruising, it went away.  I wouldn't hesitate to call on Dr. de Olarte for any future needs.  I am really pleased with the way I look!

Anonymous; Pasadena CA

I recommend Dr. Gloria de Olarte for lower eye bag removal surgery!!! The surgery removed 10Years from my facial appearance. I have more self confidence looking people in the eye!!    

J.J.; Pasadena, CA

Dear Dr. de Olarte,  
Thank you so much for my beautiful eyes and nose!!  I am very happy with the results of my eye procedures.  The bags and droopy lids are gone, and my eyes just look absolutely gorgeous.  I think I look younger and don't have a tired look anymore.  Surgery was a breeze!  Everyone from the nurses to, of course Dr. de Olarte, took excellent care of me.  It was a very comfortable experience.  Dr. de Olarte is an incredibly caring Doctor.  I am just so pleased with the results of my procedures and with Dr. de Olarte.  She spent a lot of time with me, answered all my questions, I was never rushed.  

L.D.; La Puente, CA

Dear Dr. De Olarte –
What a different my eye lift has made in my appearance. I didn’t realize how tired I looked all the time before. People tell me I look ten years younger since the procedure. You do fabulous work! Thank you. I can’t wait until it’s time for a full face lift.

Rebecca B.; Woodland Hills, CA

Dr. Gloria de Olarte
I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you, for the wonderful care you showed me during my surgery and thereafter.
You truly made me fell so calm on the day of my surgery. I look and feel Great!
I will recommend you to everyone.
I am forever grateful.

Thanks again.
Anonymous; Downey, CA


My first procedure with Dr. de Olarte was at about age 58. I had a full facelift. My daughter ahd previously undergone breast augmentation with Dr. De Olarte and they were so perfect and so enhancing to her looks that I visited Dr. de Olarte and was not fearful about having a facelift.  I wanted to look very natural, attractive and healthy with my looks. That is exactly what I got. It was beautiful, with no telltale scars, it just made me look ten years younger and how nice that was, in that I had a full time job, a family (four children, however I was divorced), many friends. And also many nice men came into my life. I was very, very HAPPY with the results from my facelift procedure.
Eleven years have passes and now my daughter needed a replacement of her breast implants ( they have about a 10 year warranty from defects). By now she was married and had two little boys. Dr. de Olarte did the surgery and she emerged again with lovely breasts.

Ten months ago at the age of 71, I retired from my career, and entered a new phase of life- senior citizen. As all women do as they age, they look in the mirror and pull the skin of the lower face back to see how much better they look by getting rid of  the “turkey” neck. I finally decided to pay another visit to Dr/ de Olarte and had work don only on the area below my eyes, which included getting rid of the excess neck skin and the jowls from my lower face. I also got some fillers In the folds/ parenthesis ( ) around my mouth, as well as filling in all the lines around my mouth, including both top and bottom lip.

Once again I was very happy with the results. Only my grown children and a few friends knew what I had done and their reaction is so positive. I know the surgery took years off my face.
Within two weeks I was fully recovered and resumed all the things that fill my life as a senior citizen, but I no longer looked old. My 5 year old grandson is so observing that before he would question why I had neck wrinkles and his mom did not. Well he is now six years old and no longer asks those uncomfortable questions.
I would encourage any woman who is contemplating a facelift to call the office of Dr. Gloria De Olarte. She will not disappoint you. She is the BEST physician for cosmetic surgical procedures.

Diane E.; Downey, CA

Dr. de Olarte has been my plastic surgeon since 1993. She was recommended by my Gastroplasty surgeon Dr. Sheila Clayton. Dr. de Olarte performed a tummy tuck and I was very pleased with the results! She then performed a full face-lift for me - I had lost 93 pounds and the results were perfect. About four years ago I got seriously ill but pulled thru. However the illness took its toll on me and I required another facelift. I was in New York at the time and so I researched surgeons there. I selected one that I thought was competent and well trained but he was not. He made my face look worse than it was before to the tune of $17000. dollars. I didn’t know what to do but I had recovered from my illness and moved to Arizona. I waited a year thinking it would get better but it didn’t so I went to Dr. de Olarte again in November of 2011. She and I went over various options and I had the surgery. I now look like I wanted to before and love it when people say I am “;beautiful”;. I owe it all to her! Thanks so much!
Janet Z.; Wickenburg, AZ
Are you tired of looking older than you feel? When you look in the mirror while applying your make-up, you see lines and sagginess that were never there a couple years ago. This is the way I felt! Then I was introduced to doctor Gloria. We had a consultation and I decided to do something for myself. I was so happy with the results, I now feel fresh and very happy when I look at myself in the mirror. I would like to thank doctor Gloria de Olarte for making me feel so comfortable throughout the procedure, she was so gentle and reassuring that I would highly recommend her to everybody I know!

Elizabeth L.; Temple City, CA

Dear Doctor,

I find it hard to believe that it has been nearly 15 years since my operation. I wanted to thank you the operation, my neck lift, that returned my self confidence. I still have a scar, just like you said I would, but very few people notice it.  I want you to know that any of your patients contemplating this surgery can call me or come to my home to discuss the neck lift with me. I would recommend your skills to anyone.

Very Truly yours,
S. Kinder; Downey, CA

Breast Reduction

To Whom It May Concern: 
Since I was young, I always had extreme large breasts and wanted a breast reduction as soon as I learned it was even possible, but was too scared to go through the procedure.  Then again, I never really researched or inquired much about it, until my back really started to kill me after I gained over 100 lbs from my current weight.  For years, I always complained to my primary doctor about my overly large breasts, but nothing seem to come out of complaining with her until I saw another doctor within my HMO.  However, I had no idea where to start or who to trust!  So, at one of my OB/GYN appointments, I happened to mention my interest to my gynecologist.  Dr. Patrick Sutton recommended me to meet with Dr. Gloria de Olarte for a consultation.  In April 2006, I had my breast reduction (lost a total of 9 lbs) and was very happy with my results.  This gave me a huge jump start to my 100+ weight loss journey.  After years of saving for the procedure, working out, and having a second child "20 years later", I finally decided it was time for my tummy tuck.  This was another procedure I had been wanting to have since giving birth to my first son in 1992.  On September 4, 2013, I had my tummy tuck surgery (lost a total of 12 lbs).  Since my surgery, Dr. Gloria de Olarte has seen me nurmeous times to ensure I was recoverying well.  She is incredibly talented and knows her work.  Not to mention, she's very personable and someone who makes you feel VERY comfortable.  I highly recommended Dr. Gloria de Olarte on one of my posts on Facebook @ www.facebook.com/wine.travel.fitness.ANNA and will continue to recommend her throughout the years!
Anna M. Solano

Tummy Tuck

Dr. de Olarte, 
Thank you for my flat stomach that I always wanted. I can wear a bikini now! It's been great working with you from beginning to end. You're the best.
- anonymous 

Dr. De Olarte did my tummy tuck which turned out amazing!
She is a great surgeon. One that cares about the concerns of her patients and how each surgery turns out. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in this procedure.

Monica A.; Chatsworth, CA

Dear Dr. Gloria de Olarte.
I would like this opportunity to thank you for a very successful surgery! Let me tell you, after three pregnancies, my body’s middle section totally had changed, and not for the better.
I became somewhat embarrassed and a little depressed at times. Especially at times of intimacy with my boyfriend.
After my surgery I have regained my confidence and no longer feel embarrassed about my body! Dr. Olarte’s surgery removed the excess fat and sagging skin from my midsection, and it also tighten my muscles in the area, giving me a look I had not seen since my younger days!
I have received many compliments on my “new look” and my boyfriend tells me he feels like he is dating a young woman!
My decision to have “tummy tuck” surgery is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I know feel very sexy and confident again!

Thank you so much Dr. Olarte.
Anonymous; Whittier, CA

In January of this year, I had both a tummy tuck and a liquid face lift under the care of Dr. Gloria Olarte. I am completely happy with the final outcome and as I heal each day, I am even more impressed. Both procedures have lifted my moral to a whole new level, not to mention my wardrobe.  The results are amazing! I've lost 4 inches in my hips and 3 inches in my waist. My face looks 10 years younger.

I was referred to Dr. Olarte by two co-workers and also my primary care physician recommended her as well. My doctor's wife had some work done and she is also another totally happy patient walking out there in the world. Dr. Olarte has a warm presence and is very professional in all aspects. I felt comfortable working with a female doctor because she understands that "us women" want to look our best.  Not a day goes by where I have not received a  compliment since the two procedures were done in January. I am looking forward to more compliments and I plan to visit Dr. Olarte's office again for additional work soon.

Thank you Dr. Olarte!!
Susan L.; Glendora, CA

My experience with Dr. de Olarte has been exceptional. My abdominoplasty surgery has been 6 years ago and I still have a very flat stomach.  With my lifestyle changes after the surgery, exercising and eating healthy, I have maintained and perfected my stomach- “It is her best work ever”.  I tell everyone “Dr. de Olarte is an expert at tummy tucks and if you want the best results you need to go see a perfectionist who will deliver!” When it comes to cosmetic surgery I only recommend Dr. de Olarte.

Tamera S.; Pasadena, CA

Dear Dr. de Olarte,
Thank you for giving me back my self-confidence and the feeling of being sexy again. Dr. de Olarte is an excellent, skilled and very personable doctor.
I have known Dr. de Olarte since October of 1999.When I could not reduce my stomach area after diet, exercise, Ierona treatment, etc… I was reminded by a friend to go back and see Dr. de Olarte. I did!
Dr. de Olarte explained the tummy tuck procedure. She answered all my questions and I was scheduled for surgery. She is the QUEEN OF TUMMY TUCKS. She is the BEST! I higly recommend Dr. de Olarte for any plastic surgery procedure.

Thank you again.

Pam D.; Arcadia, CA

Dr. de Olarte performed my extended tummy tuck in April of 2012.  As a mother of six children, I had a bulging stomach and was experiencing back problems. Although I had a strong exercise regimen, I could not lose the flab around my waist. It was discouraging to work so hard and not see any results.  Both my husband and I agreed that the only solution I had was to get a tummy tuck.  I had wanted a tummy tuck for several years but was concerned about undergoing such an invasive surgery.  After attending a presentation hosted by Dr. de Olarte, I was so impressed by her work that I followed up with an appointment.  During the consultation, Dr. de Olarte explained the extended tummy tuck procedure to both my husband and me.  We were in her office for close to two hours.  She explained the procedure in great detail, answered all of our questions, and alleviated our concerns.  We left her office reassured that a tummy tuck was the right decision; we were confident that I was in good hands.  On the day of the surgery I was very nervous, but was soon put at ease by Dr. de Olarte's calming and caring attitude.  She reassured me that everything would be fine and that she would try her best to give me the results I wanted. Well, she was good on her word, the results were better than I expected. After my surgery, I woke up to a new me.  My big, flabby stomach was gone and Dr. de Olarte was by my side telling me that everything had gone well. It has been five months since my surgery and I have gone through a total transformation; my stomach is flat and firm, I have lost 30 lbs. and 6 sizes in clothing. To date I continue to have regular appointments with Dr. de Olarte.  When she sees my progress I can tell that she takes great pride in her work; she is like an artist…examining (admiring) her work.  She is perceptive, detailed, meticulous, and professional.  Dr. de Olarte has changed my life; having a tummy tuck is one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I am indebted to Dr. de Olarte, she is a wonderful person and an excellent and meticulous plastic surgeon.  

Aurora V.; Pico Rivera, CA

Querida Doctora DeOlarte,

Encontrar palabras para agradecer lo que ha hecho por mi no es facil.

Primero que nada mi vida cambio totalmente desde el punto de vista psicologico.
Soy una mujer de 61 años y mi vida se habia convertido en una pesadilla desde que mi figura comenzo a cambiar y digamoslo con todas sus letras, comenze a engordar en una forma anormal. Para mi era un tragedia tratar de comprarme ropa. Entraba a una tienda y ya mi humor cambiaba totalmente ya que nada de lo que me gustaba me quedaba bien. Casi no queria salir a muchos lugares. No me sentia atractiva ni para mi esposo. Gracias a Dios cai en sus manos, las cuales realmente son una bendicion, y todo esta siendo diferente ahora. Me siento feliz y me hace mas feliz el que cualquier cosa que me pongo me queda bien, se ve mejor, tiene otro "look", me siento atractiva, mas joven (por lo menos 10 o mas años de menos),realmente puedo sonreir.

Y algo muy importante, investigue bastante respecto a esto, consulte otros doctores y ninguna de la cirugias me convencio tanto como las que hace Ud. realmente se preocupa en modelar el cuerpo.

Ojala mis palabras puedan animar a otras mujeres a hacer lo mismo. Solo basta superar el "miedo" de que es algo doloroso....,pero honestamente algo soportable y superable. La conviccion de que una sera totalmente diferente, de que no te sentiras mas acomplejada o stressada por tu apariencia te dan animos y paciencia en tu recuperacion, porque la cirugia...,realmente no es dolorosa en lo asboluto.

De nuevo Doctora Gloria, muchas, muchas, pero muchas gracias por el cambio tan positivo que hizo en mi cuerpo, por recuperar mi silueta y por devolverme la felicidad....ahora PUEDO VIVIR FELIZ NUEVAMENTE!!!!!!

Que Dios la bendiga.

Ana Maria S.; Chatsworth, CA

Dear Dr. De Olarte,
Thank you so much for my flat stomach that I always wanted. I can wear a bikini now. It has been great working with you from begin to end. You are the Best!

 Mellie L., Glendale, CA


I approached Dr. Gloria de Olarte and her friendly staff after losing 100+ lbs on my own. I was left with lumps of fat on my abdomen area which Dr. de Olarte suggested Liposuction of the Abdomen. Doctor gave me a great consultation and price for this procedure. She made sure to explain all the details of the surgery procedure and healing process in great detail. I had my procedure done at Verdugo Hills Hospital that was fully staffed with very friendly and certified nurses. This whole procedure was PAIN-FREE from beginning to end. The healing process was fast and painless. Dr. de Olarte took out a lot of fat and was very impressed with my recovery. Dr. de Olarte scheduled follow up visits twice a week for a month. Dr. Gloria de Olarte and her staff were very friendly, caring and educational. I’m very impressed by my outcome.

Roman W.; El Monte, CA


I have been seeing Dr. De Olarte for at least 8 years and my first experience with her was an enjoyable experience.  While I initially went in for a consultation for liposuction, her honesty in determining the success of such a procedure endeared me to her because her analysis was such that  it wasn’t the procedure that was needed. She felt that losing weight would do the trick.  And it did!  I went from a size 8 to a size 2.  I got very serious about a fitness program and I never thought about liposuction  again. However,  what Dr. De Olarte did suggest were  injectables that took a ton of stress and years off of my face.  I love Dr. De Olarte because she is an honest and professional  doctor who absolutely loves what she does.  She doesn’t suggest anything unless she feels it will give you the satisfaction you are seeking, something natural and not “over the top.” My sister doesn’t have any procedures done unless it is Dr. De Olarte….so my sister plans her trips to California from Florida making sure she has an appointment with Dr. De Olarte.   A very satisfied client. Thanks.

Irene L.; Pasadena CA

I would like to thank you for making me feel so special and so beautiful..
I come all the way from Florida just to have my work done. You have always given me the best work.
Because I trust you so much I am going to get my breasts done in the summer...instead of having it done in Florida.
Thank you for everything.

Marcelle L. Buca FL.

Dr. DeOlarte was highly recommended and once I met her I knew she was the doctor for me. Dr. DeOlarte has the experience, expertise, skill, and training that I was looking for. She is a board-certified professional with an excellent reputation. I am delighted with the outcome of my breast augmentation; so beautiful and natural. The process was extremely smooth, before and after. I now continue to see Dr. DeOlarte for botox treatments. The results are wonderful - the procedure is being done by a highly skilled professional; a plastic surgeon. Dr. DeOlarte’s fee for the procedure is the same or competitive with other "botox locations" so why would you see anyone else? Like all cosmetic procedures this is something for an “expert” I would never take a chance on this.  I look forward to my appointments with Dr. DeOlarte, I love the results and she and her staff are a pleasure.

Ivonne  M.; El Monte, CA

Mommy Makeover

Thank you so much, Dr. de Olarte!  This surgery has changed my life!

Dr. Gloria de Olarte, an amazing, highly-skilled surgeon gave me a Mommy Makeover that turned the clock back for me at least 20 years.   She gave me a new lease on life along with my plastic surgery.

18 years ago, I was a young mother who consulted Dr. de Olarte about what I thought I needed to restore my previously 27 inch waistline after delivering by C-section 2 weeks late an almost 10 pound baby.  I thought liposuction would fix me right up.  Dr. de Olarte looked at me and immediately pronounced that I needed a tummy-tuck.  I was indignant.  I was only 25 years old and I thought tummy-tucks were for old ladies.  I was determined to diet and exercise the Mom flap away.  Over the years, I gained and lost the same 10 pounds, but that pouch never went anywhere.  My self-esteem took a huge hit every time I looked in the mirror at that monstrosity.  To add insult to injury, as time when on my previous 36Ds deflated and began to hang lower and lower.  At the age of 41, I had a partial hysterectomy because of uterine fibroids.  With the reality of having no more children and an end result of laparoscopic surgery scars added to the stretch-marked monstrosity that was my belly, I consulted with two other plastic surgeons regarding a tummy tuck.  Both were male, and while no doubt fully capable of performing a tummy-tuck, seemed like somewhat disinterested observers during the consultations.  No connection at all.

I went back to Dr. de Olarte to discuss the tummy-tuck and I’m so glad I did.  She is fiery and passionate about her patients, her practice and her plastic surgery!  She is warm and genuine for a surgeon of her caliber and completely unpretentious.  During one of my follow ups, a small stain soiled Dr. de Olarte’s resplendent white silk dress.  I was almost afraid to point it out to her because I thought she’d be furious with me for ruining it.  She shrugged it off and said, “It happens”.  That certainly wasn’t the response I was expecting!  Dr. de Olarte has the beauty of Sophia Vergara, the medical knowledge of Dr. Oz, the “been there, seen that” sensibility of Dr. Drew and the earthiness of Oprah Winfrey. 

Dr. de Olarte gave me a waistline that rivals that of my high school cheerleader days and 38DDs.  But what I really appreciate about the surgery was the care and concern Dr. de Olarte showed me during my recovery with her frequent calls to check up on me.  During my follow up visits, we speak of a wide variety of topics.  I feel like I am more than just a procedure to her, but a whole human being.


Motherhood is a Journey: 

After bearing 3 children and breastfeeding all of them, my body "told on me". I longed for feeling and looking desirable. Like many of you, I worked out, ate healthy, starved myself to no avail. I needed Dr. de Olarte. Her craftsmanship and expertise is something that I entrust my life with - being put to sleep under her care is something that does not worry me. She makes sure my expectations are realistic, yet exceeds my expectations!

Breastfeeding, I went from 34A to 36E then to 34A-B. Exercising and losing weight made it worst. I did not want my husband to see me. After my consultation with Dr. de Olarte said and scheduled surgery within 2 weeks. Why did i wait and hesitate for 5 years?!


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Hello, and I am
interested in scheduling an appointment with Dr. de Olarte
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