Thigh Lift

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There are a wide variety of plastic surgery procedures, such as Thigh Lift, that our practice performs. Please contact us if you are interested in receiving more information on this particular procedure.

Who will benefit from a Thigh Lift (also known as a THIGHPLASTY)?

Factors that influence the need for a thigh lift:

1) If you have lost weight and have extra skin

2) If you are overweight and have extra fat

3) If you do not exercise

4) Heredity

All these factors alone or in combination will give “flabby” or extra skin with wrinkling and stretch marks, or extra skin with rolls and irregularities. Also your upper thighs will touch and rub against each other when walking with constant irritation.

Surgery will help tighten your skin and reshapes your thighs down to the knee with a better contour and will produce a smoother thigh, BUT you will have scars. If you have extra fat you may need TWO stages of surgery, The First one for liposuction and the Second one to tighten your skin. This is only for the thigh area, not the entire leg.

Are there different kinds of THIGHPLASTY?

1) You can have a horizontal scar along the inner aspect of your inner thigh/ groin area. This will improve the upper, and inner 1/3 portion of your thighs.

2) If you have large amounts of extra skin and fat, or you have had massive weight loss, you will need a Longitudal scar across from the groin down to the knee*, on the inside aspect of your thigh.

· Exercise may help to improve the underlying muscles of the thigh but can not tighten the skin that has already lost the elasticity and is wrinkled with irregularities, with stretch marks or rolls and that is over all saggy.

· Surgery will tighten your skin and reshape your thighs down to the knee with a better and smoother contour, but will have scars. If you have extra fat, you will need 2 stages: one for the Liposuction and a second one to tighten your skin, only in the thigh area but not the leg.

Who is a good candidate for Surgery?

1) Adults with large amounts of extra skin on thighs

2) After massive weight loss

3) If you are in good health

4) You are a NON-SMOKER

5) Patients with a good understanding of where the scars will be and the time, risks, alternatives and complications of a Thigh Lift

6) Patients with realistic expectations

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